Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Thursday, July 8, 2010

David's Health Issues

"Perseverance and spirit have done wonder in all ages"---George Washington
I came across that quote during the 4th of July weekend when I started reading David McCullough's book "1776." This is a great one about the first year of the Revolutionary War with George Washington and the Continental Army. I am in awe of those who were involved in an effort where everything seemed stacked against them. Brave men and women indeed.

One of my favorite things is to relax with a good book. I don't get the chance very often, and it's a real treat when I find some extra time. David's ulcer has been bothering him, so while he rested, I read.

I read a lot when I was growing up, and had a tendency to block everything else out. My family used to tease me that if I was reading a good book the house could burn around me and I wouldn't notice. I used to hide out in the library and read during lunch hours when I was in high school. Then one day a friend came into the library, told me I needed to socialize more than I needed to read another book, gathered everything up, and nearly dragged me to the lunchroom where some mutual friends were. He was right, and I learned to put a limit on how much recreational reading I did.

We ended up having a nice, quiet long weekend, except that we had to miss a family BBQ. David felt progressively worse during the weekend, and finally went to the dr. He ended up having a scope and biopsy yesterday (the 13th). The initial reports are good. The dr. who did the scope is the same one who did his emergency operation when he had a bleeding ulcer two years ago. She said that he's looking much better and thinks the problem is acid reflux.

David came through the procedure well, and his mood is a little blue but stable. I appreciate the fact that he usually can monitor how he's feeling and knows what he needs to do to keep stable. I have a tendency to hover over him when I think he's vulnerable, which irritates him. So I am learning to control that motherly instinct and walk away when he needs to be alone with his thoughts.

In addition to that stress, the company that we work for part-time lost the contract the building that we clean. While it is upsetting, I actually don't mind. I was getting really tired of working 2 jobs. We're hoping they will have something else for David to do. He really needs a part-time job to help him focus and stay calm.

That's why I like the quote by George Washington. It fits my life.


  1. Hi Sally, I have acid reflux from years of meds too. I swear by that purple pill. It's a life saver , and it's not so bad taking it. My tummy troubles don't exist anymore.... and if they do, I just have a soda and that helps too.

    Tell David to hang in. I hope you get BBQ before summer is over and are spending a lot of time with the grand babies.

  2. Hi Susan! The Dr. has him on omniprozole (a variation of the purple pill), and it seems to be helping. I'm glad to hear that meds can make a difference with his poor stomach. He had his gall bladder x-rayed this morning, so I think we'll have a better idea of what's going on with him next week.
    We did manage to get to a family b-day party last week and all the kids and grandkids in the area were there. Such fun!
    I'm going on vacation next week to see my dad and siblings. The timing is crummy, and I feel so heartless, but he insists on me going. Fortunately one of our daughters and her 2 children are going to stay with him.
    How are you feeling? Getting better from strep throat?

  3. Hi Sallyo,
    I am glad to hear that you are getting a break. I like that your daughter and her kids will be with David. Hopefully, this will give you piece of mind enough to really relax.
    The purple pill... I have had acid reflux for years and take a variation of the purple pill. New research is saying that there is cause for alarm at the lack of absorption that it causes. There are calcium deficiencies noted with broken bones after long-term use. So, I tried to get off. The rebound effect was monstrous. Nearly killed me. Now, I am seeing an acupuncturist and changing my diet. My doctor says it is dangerous to get off the pill (puts my esophagus at risk) but understands my desire. There was also evidence of increased chance of Alzheimer's among users of the drug. Diet. I am forced to change what and when I eat.
    I am sorry that David is struggling with this too. The proton inhibitors work wonders to stop the acid but I am concerned with the effects of long term use. I wish you luck with this.
    Have a wonderful break,
    xx kris


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