Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Thursday, July 2, 2015


David was diagnosed with parathyroidism in May. He has been good at having his blood levels checked while he was on lithium (about 8 years). In February his pdoc was worried about the calcium in his blood and took him off lithium. His calcium levels still weren't good, so the dr. had a bunch of tests done, and after the diagnosis came back, he called the surgeon for an appointment. When he called, the receptionist said they were booked to the end of June, but then she looked at his chart and said they would work him in as soon as possible. That was sobering!
This is why blood levels need to be checked regularly when someone is on lithium! Here is a link to a site with more on the subject: parathyroid-symptoms.htm

Some more links about the parathyroid:

He ended up having parathyroid surgery the first week of June, and came through it with flying colors. They were able to do the surgery as out-patient, and he came home the same day. The doctor was pleased with the surgery, and said that one of the four glands was not working at all, which put the other three under stress. Right after the surgery, his calcium levels changed from 100+ down to 30 (which is closer to normal).
We have noticed that his kidneys are functioning better, and his mood and energy levels are also better. Hopefully he will at least stay where he is and improve over time. It's amazing to see the difference that one surgery had on his health.
We also had a new garage built this spring/summer, and we've been doing the finishing work on the inside. While a bit stressful for David (and me, too), it was also good to see him work on it, and that has also helped him mentally and emotionally.

Early part of the construction experience

Almost finished exterior

The interior, complete with the shelves David built

And it's finished!

After all the stress involved with events surrounding my father's passing, David's health issues, an office move, and getting the garage built, I realized that I needed a "mental health" day. What to do??? I ended up driving to the mountains and enjoyed the serenity, the view, and the cool(er) mountain air. The peace and quiet helped me restore my spirits.
I ended up going to the canyon where the Mormon pioneers entered the valley. I thought of them and their courage and tried to picture what it must have looked like when they came through the valley for the first time.
View of the Salt Lake Valley from the top of the mountain 
Sign marking the original Mormon pioneer trail

On the trail
 And I loved the wild flowers and the river the pioneers camped by and cooled off in (if I had thought about it, I would have worn more casual clothes that day and waded in it, too).

A day in the mountains put everything back in perspective. And, like the pioneers, I feel like saying, "All is well! All is well!"