Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Trip to Little Rock

The actual little rock that was a landmark for early river men.

I've been finishing up stories from my trip to Little Rock. I enjoyed meeting with and interviewing some of the LDS teens in the area. They are delightful, intelligent, well-spoken leaders in their schools and with their friends. I've said it before: meeting with this rising generation gives me hope for the future as they wrestle with issues and situations far more complex than what I had to deal with while growing up. We talked about the importance of staying true to their beliefs even when others criticize them. They know that when others are doing something they feel uncomfortable with that it's important to find something else to do, even when that means leaving the crowd.

One of the leaders who helped me set up interviews arranged for me to see the Clinton Library as well as a have a tour with the principal of Little_Rock_Central_High_School. They were great! I especially appreciated the tour of the high school and learning more about the Little Rock Nine. I was too young to remember that event, but I do remember the civil rights movement of the 1960s. I admire their strength and courage in persevering against tremendous odds for something that they believed in.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a family who have been able to work together through issues of severe chronic pain and bipolar disorder that their husband and father struggles with. I admired their spirit and appreciated the reminder that prayer and faith are an indispensable part of managing the disorder. He also talked about the importance of humor, talking through issues, forgiveness, and letting others help: "it's good for everyone, both giver and receiver, when help is offered and accepted."

I had some time to take in a few of the sites around downtown Little Rock. 
Arkansas River

Steamboat Arkansas

A view of the hotel and the sculpture garden
The Peabody Hotel Ducks

These sculptures are part of a sculpture garden along the river front

One of my favorites

The first state capitol, now a museum with a great exhibit about the role of women on the Arkansas frontier

These fun sculptures were near a park featuring old log houses

At sunset

At the riverfront open air market

Little Rock will never be just another dot on a map to me again.