Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back from R&R

Usually I try to do too much during a vacation and come home tired, but last week's vacation was just the right mix of activity and rest. And, to make it even better, David's test results came back and were good: he does have some esophagus problems because of acid reflux, but the rest looked all right. He's been feeling much better as he takes the stomach medicine he was prescribed, and his mood has been mostly upbeat.

He had a wonderful time camping and fishing for 2 days with our daughter Shannon and her 2 children, 8-year-old Gabby and 4-year-old Brad. They went to a high mountain lake that they had mostly to themselves and enjoyed the view, the fishing, and the company. It was just what he needed. Camping and fishing are the best medicine in the world for him.

I love going to McCall, Idaho, a small resort town located around a beautiful lake and forested mountains. I feel my stress level getting lower almost as soon as I get there. All of my brothers and sisters were there for part of the time, and I had fun visiting with them and our beloved 85-year-old dad. There was a nice mix of good conversation, good food, fun activities, and time to relax and read an interesting book. And for an added bonus, the weather was just right: warm during the days and cool at night.

We went on morning walks to the lake pictured above, hiked up to a mountain lake, took a chair lift to the top of the mountain at the local ski report for breathtaking views, and went on a day rafting trip on the main fork of the Salmon River.

View from the top of the ski hill.
Mountain lake we hiked to. Rafting on the Salmon. Such beautiful country!

I love rafting on the Salmon with my family. My brother knows the river well and we have a good time visiting, laughing, and enjoying the ride. The river has a strong current, which is why it is known as the "river of no return." In addition to the rapids (so fun! Like a water roller coaster), there are long stretches of calm, clear green water. The river flows at its own pace and reminds me that life is also flowing along as it should, with stressful times as well as tranquil moments. We need to have both present in our lives. I always feel renewed in body and spirit after a day on the river. No wonder my brother lives for it!

Photos of the Salmon River near Riggins, Idaho.

This week verified again to me the importance of getting regular rest and relaxation. We need it to keep our troubles in perspective, and to give our bodies time to rest and heal. I came home happy, rested, and ready to carry on with my life and its challenges.


  1. Happy everything turned out so very well! The photos are beautiful:)
    Blessings, Aimeee

  2. Thank you for adding the photos to your post. I studied them and could (almost) feel the crisp coolness of the water and the way the air feels in the mountains.
    I am glad to hear the David's problem can be contained by stomach meds. And, that he had a relaxing time with your daughter and grandkids.
    Welcome back,
    xx kris

  3. I'm glad you liked the photos. I have the one of the lake as my computer's wallpaper. I spend more time than I should looking at it.


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