Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Of Valentines Day and the Super Bowl

A few days ago I read a story in the Wall Street Journal, "Happy Couples Kiss and Tell" about how long-married happy couples have stayed together. Among the interesting tidbits are forgiveness, hard work, finding the middle grounds, laughing together, keeping some things separate, and never giving up. I agree with all those tips, and add another one: sharing common interests with each other.

For example, in addition to our children (obviously) and trips where we like to explore less-than-well-used roads, we like to watch sports together: baseball playoffs, basketball (the Jazz), and especially football.

David is a Denver Bronco fan, more so when John Elway (his hero) played. I am a diehard Green Bay Packer fan that goes back to when I was growing up with two older brothers. Since they played football in high school, and I liked being around them, I learned how to watch a football game during the Vince Lombardi era. We have a collection of Bronco and Packer items at our house; one of my treasures is a cheesehead that a friend gave me.

Over the years we have enjoyed a friendly rivalry when Green Bay and Denver played (especially when they played each other in the Super Bowl). We enjoyed watching the game on Sunday, just the two of us. He was cheering for the Colts, and I was firmly in the Saints' camp. I was delighted they won; what a great thing for them and their city! Now it's on to watching the Olympics.

Granddaughter Gabby and my Cheesehead

Update on David: He's starting to struggle again with no sleep, noises, and a very sour mood. He talked to his doctor yesterday, and instead of taking his meds at night, he'll try them during the day. The problem is that David is drug resistant. I think part of it is his body chemistry, and part of it is his subconscious fighting the effects of the meds. When he had knee surgery 15 years ago I asked his surgeon to give him some valium, hoping it would help him relax and let his knee heal. It had the opposite effect. He went manic, and remodeled our bathroom all one night, and the next day, when I was dozing for 5 minutes, he walked 2 blocks to the neighborhood playground with Jeff and Katie. When I found him there, I admit that I colored the air blue, and let him figure out how to get home on his own. That was the last of that type of medicine. To be fair, David hadn't been diagnosed yet, and we had no idea about what to do with his mood swings.

The doctor is going to a medical convention this week and taking David's file with him to consult with others about him because he's tried all the med combos that he can. Here's praying he comes back with some more ideas! In the meantime, I try to give him some encouragement, and support, and lots of space. That last item is important for my sanity; he can be sarcastic when he's in this mood, and I don't want to add fuel to the fire. I've been spending the last hour of the evening reading and doing some writing. It helps to have that time to myself so I can unwind.

On the family scene: We have a new grandson, Eric Jay! He was born on Wednesday to Soldier Brian and Tania at Ft. Lewis Washington. I'm so happy he's here and healthy; they have had some real struggles in getting their two babies here. I am planning on going to see them a little later this spring; can't wait!

Sailor Jeff and his wife Nikki are finished with his Navy deployment and will be home tomorrow! They're still working on their plans, but he will be in the Navy reserves, which will give him some income and benefits while they decide what the next step in their lives will be. He did a lot of growing up while in the Navy; I'm very proud of him and Nikki.

We are also having a baptism for 8-year-old grandson, Dylan, on Saturday. And a ward breakfast (we're on the activities committee) in the morning. It should be a good day filled with friends and family activities. I'm just hoping David won't get overwhelmed with it all.

Wishing you all a happy Valentines day!


  1. I LOVE your Gabby & cheesehead photo (always have since you sent me a copy)! Wow, I will be praying for David; that the doctors will come up with an answer for him.
    Congrats on Grandson Eric---an official PNW'er baby! YOU know those PNW babies are very, very special (of course I think ALL babies are) :)
    Hope your weekend goes well!

  2. Congrats on the new grand baby and baptism. I love those life moments to celebrate. I will add to my prayers that the doctor can get just the right direction for David.


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