Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mexico! Monte Alban and Home

The day before I left for home, Lara and I took the bus into Oaxaca City for some shopping and then to Monte_Alb├ín. Monte Alban is an archealogical treasure just outside of the city. It was awe-inspiring!
LDS temple in Oaxaca City

Entrance to Monte Alban

View from entrance to Monte Alban

Ancient stadium

Lara looking over the scene

Ancient steps to the top of a temple

View from the top of the steps

An ancient observatory

My new shirt and hat
A few months after I came home I was asked to write an article for the magazine about the history of the LDS Church in Mexico. It was fascinating! As I researched a little bit about the history of Mexico I was impressed by the people's faithfulness. One of my favorite stories was about an Aztec woman who sold fruit and vegetables in the little towns near Mexico City. She saved her money for 40 years to be able to take a trip to Salt Lake City. When the time came, she took a bus to Utah, and since the only English words she knew was "apple pie," that was what she ate along the way. She came home happy and content with her visit. I felt that same spirit with the people I met.
My lasting impression of the area where I visited were the bright cheery colors, upbeat music, and beautiful warm hearted people. I was enchanted with Mexico and look forward to visiting regularly in the coming years.

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