Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Monday, January 12, 2009

It's been one of "those" months

David's moods often reminds me of winter weather. Like overcast skies and stormy days, his mood lately has been mostly gloomy with occasional patches of light. He's been struggling again with depression, more hallucinations, and an obsession with my body image.
This particular round has also been hard on me, and I realize that I need to explore some better coping techniques. Part of the problem for me has been that daily verbal attacks mostly about my weight, and ongoing financial challenges has taken a toll on my sense of worth.
On days when I wonder how I can keep going, I remember the words of a poem that one of my favorite high school teachers, Richard Pratt, taught me years ago:
I can't—a poor, pale, puny imp
Too lazy to work and from every duty does shirk.
I can—a giant, unbending he stands.
And he can conquer who thinks he can
In spite of the throngs who doubt him.

As with all storms, however, this one seems to be lifting at last, and I see some signs of improvement. Yesterday when I came home from work he surprised me with these flowers! I seldom get flowers, and I especially appreciate these:

It's a welcome reminder that every storm eventually ends.

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  1. It was very meaningful to find your post. I am the daughter of Richard Pratt and to find this was very tender. I had been trying to remember the quote about "I can't" etc. and wanted it just the way my Dad said it and was wanting to use it and couldn't get it just right. He always said it with gusto too. April 1st marks the two year passing of my Dad and yet his wisdom lives on. He learned this from his grandfather. You can see his wisdom still as he gave me many binders to put out his testimony and love to anyone who would care to learn from him. you can access this the first part of each month at:
    I would sure love to hear from you too. Dad has been mailing memos for several years. I would type them for the first part of each month. He gave me several to keep them going so enjoy.


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