Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Trip to Mexico, Day One

I had the sweet experience of spending a week with my daughter in Mexico at the end of September! Before I left I made myself almost sick with anxiety over how David would do while I was gone. He ended up doing fine on his own, and I learned important lessons: David is capable of taking care of himself and I do not need to be his caretaker. I also remembered (again!) that worry is a waste of time and counterproductive. Unfortunately I need this reminder all too often.
I flew to San Francisco, then to Mexico City on a red-eye flight and landed in Oaxaca City on a Friday morning. Lara and her husband Israel met me at the airport.  I haven't seen Lara in three years; such a joy to see them both again!

We spent the day exploring the sites of old Oaxaca City and the open air market. This was my first trip to a country where I don't speak the language; it was a little intimidating at first (especially going through customs in Mexico City), but I liked listening to the language and taking in the culture.
We first went to the market; the amounts of fruits and vegetables, meats, flowers, crafts and other merchandise was amazing. My favorite thing there were the assortment of flowers.

Masks for the upcoming Day of the Dead holiday (November 1)

After the market and a delicious breakfast at a small cafe, we visited the plaza at Oaxaca City.

An organ grinder; music was everywhere

One of the cathedrals 
At the plaza in Oacaxa City

Detail of the carvings on one of the cathedrals

We came across an arts and crafts festival that featured craft booths from the different sections of the state of Oaxaca and native dancers.
Young men dancing on stilts

These flowers are made out of paper, as is the owl below

At the arts and crafts fair

One of the traditional dances. After their dance they handed out deep-fried donuts

Young men dancing on stilts

The traditional headdress and dance of Oaxaca

After an exciting day of visiting the city, we left for San Miguel del Rio on the Sierra Norte where Lara and her family live on the town's bus. I was taken by the scenery and the lushness of the plant life.

Entrance to San Miguel del Rio

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  1. Hi, Sally!
    I am SO excited and happy for you that you had a chance to visit your daughter and her husband! YEA:)
    I loved the photos of the market (wish we had one like it here), the paper flowers (they remind me a bit of Japanese origami) and the cathedral (I love old churches)!
    Have I ever told you that my son-in-law is from Mexico? He thinks my 'spanglish' is a bit amusing.


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