Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mexico! Day Two

After arriving in San Miguel del Rio on Friday evening I had the joy of getting acquainted with Lara's children: Zachary (14), Alex (11) Alicia (8) and Vanessa (6).
Zachary visited us a few years ago, but I hadn't seen Alex and Alicia since they moved to Mexico seven years ago. And I had never met Vanessa. They are delightful!

I spent Saturday exploring San Miguel and their home with Lara and the children, and meeting some of Israel's family. I don't have many pictures of the town because the battery in the camera died, and then before I could get back to the town, rain from a passing hurricane made photography next to impossible. Next time!

Entrance to the cemetery

San Miguel del Rio

I also enjoyed their chicken and turkey flock and their sheep/goat pets, and their cats and dog, and a beautiful assortment of plants and flowers.

I admit it: I was captivated by the chickens and turkeys!

Bougainvilla arch 
Lime Tree in their yard

I saw this description of the area, and I think it describe it well: there truly is an abundance of vegetation in their region. Such a beautiful place to live!

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  1. Your grandkids are gorgeous and what an amazing place they live in! So green--reminds me of Hawaii. The orange flower (an orchid?) is so unusual and beautiful--did it have a fragrance? Love, love, love the goat!


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