Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Spring!

I hadn't intended on taking such a long break from this blog. It seems that days melt into each other, and before I know it, one month passes, and a new season is here.
So, a quick update on what we've been doing:
December: I went to Little Rock, Arkansas, on assignment (an account of that trip will follow. No, really. I promise). I had a wonderful time and met some great people. The downside was that I had a hard time getting things done for the Christmas season, and David had a hard time with me being gone during the winter. Note to self: avoid scheduling work trips in December if at all possible.
January: David had carpal tunnel surgery on his right wrist. He came through it with flying colors, and his mood was bearable with a hint of more depression coming.
Unfortunately I came down with a case of bronchitis at the same time. I'm not a great nurse anyway, but I wasn't able to take care of him as much as I wanted to. We decided to have a Harry Potter marathan while we recovering from our ailments and ended up spending most of the week in our pjs watching all of the Harry Potter movies. I liked Dumbledore's comment to Harry at the very end of the series, "Don't pity the dead; pity those who live without love."
March: Remember the Highway Patrol incident last June? Yes, the one where David was pulled over for reckless driving and taken to jail. We had to go to court to answer the charges of 1) DUI, 2) Possession of a controlled substance, and 3) reckless driving. We hired a good attorney to help us, and he was able to get the court to drop the DUI (because there was nothing in his bloodstream except for his meds) and the possession of a controlled substance (because it was just a small amount of his prescription meds). However they wanted to change the reckless driving charge to "impaired driving." We go to court in June to see if we can get that last charge dropped. It wasn't the meds that caused the problem; it was a bipolar episode, and he hasn't had any problems since then.
April: David had surgery on his left wrist two weeks ago. He's recovering from the surgery well, but depression and anxiety is taking a toll on him. His part-time job ended, and he worries excessively about finding another job and related issues.
On the family front: Soldier Brian came home from Afghanistan in January, and we're so glad to have him stateside again.


  1. Hi, Sally
    Missed you; glad you are back:)
    I will start with your last comment...I am now doing a happy dance for you in celebration of your son's safe homecoming!! That is just what I wanted to hear from you and this news has put a BIG smile on my face!
    Wow--you have had some busy days since you last posted. I am glad things are OK and hope, hope, hope the courts will understand about your husband's medical condition. I hope also that another good job will be coming his way soon.
    LOVE your new blog header; I am SO relieved that spring is finally here...I don't think I had much more tolerance for rain and clouds left in me:)
    Blessings always,


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