Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Blogs and Forums

A little over four years ago Soldier Brian was serving his second deployment to Iraq and Sailor Jeff was just starting Navy basic training. I was, to say the least, a basket case. At the time, I only had a nodding acquaintance with the Internet. Then one day in a desperate attempt to connect with other military parents who were going through the same wild ride of emotions I stumbled across "Army Mom in Training," now Go Army Parents. I was welcomed into the group with warmth and understanding; they became a lifesaver for getting through those rough days. That's one of the benefits of the Internet; connecting with others in similar circumstances and finding help and strength from people we would otherwise never meet.

Then, when David was diagnosed with bipolar 1, I searched the Internet for others going through similar experiences. I didn't find many blogs from the perspective of bipolar spouses, but since then I have come across several new blogs and forums on the subject:
*Bipolar in the Family"
*Our Journey through Life
*Bipolar Spouse"
*Sonya's World
*borderline families

Some of the blogs on my blog roll offer helpful insight about mental illness or military perspectives:
*Lift My Depression
*Coming Out Crazy
*If You're Going through Hell
*Falling Forward
*Depression Getaway
*Beacon of Hope
*Michael Totten
*The Long War.

And some I include because I enjoy their writing and photography:
*Sweet Juniper
*Letting Go.
*Pioneer Woman
*Heading East

I went to a seminar today at work about reaching out to others in the digital world. I thought about the blogs and forums that I have come across in the last four years, and feel blessed and strengthened by them. In the end, that's the real strength of the Internet: finding the human connection in the technology.

On the Family front: I am finally recovering from my yearly sinus infection. This time around I had an ear infection for extra fun. David tried hard to be supportive, but it really bothers him when I am sick. In the past he has been really miserable to deal with, and I'm grateful that he tries to be more understanding. This time my favorite comment from him was "you need to go back to work; you're upsetting my routine!" It could have been worse, but his attitude makes it that much harder to recover. We are also planning our Memorial Day trip to southeastern Utah, and he is in the middle of pre-trip anxiety. I have to keep reminding him and me that he'll be fine once we are on the road.


  1. You are most kind to include me in your blog roll--thank you! I too am most thankful for GAP and would heartily recommend it for anyone who has a family member or friend in the Armed Forces!
    Hope your trip is wonderful--your state is so beautiful--and that you feel better soon!
    Blessings always,

  2. Glad you are feeling better. When I had a bipolar spouse I feel like I spent so much time searching the internet for support and answers. I was desperate and there was so little! I am so glad you found some great sites!


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