Faith vs Fear

Faith vs Fear

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer class

I'm taking my last class at the U this summer. I had planned to take it online, but that didn't work out, and now I'm really glad. "Analysis of Argument" is a great class to end this portion of my schooling with. It's about how to plan and present a logical discussion on a topic.
We're supposed to do a paper on a subject of our choice, using the methods taught in the class. My topic, big surprise, is: "Resolved: The U.S. government should allocate more of its social service funding to educate the general population, officers, clergy, and family members about mental illness."
We have a mid-term test on Tuesday, and an outline for our case due July 2. I'm a tad nervous about the test, but excited to get started on the outline. As the semester progresses, I plan to post what I learn. Stay tuned! (And hopefully I'll FINALLY get the comments problem resolved, too. One can always hope!)
Our Sailor son, Jeff, and his wife will also be here next month before he's deployed for 6 months to the Persian Gulf. I'm looking forward to having them home for a few weeks, but not looking forward to the deployment.
UPDATE: Thanks to my friend Sean, the comments are working! Thanks to all who wanted to post a comment, but couldn't.

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  1. Hooray!!! The comments are working! Many thanks to my friend Sean for helping me get them to work.


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